Jazz is recognized around the world for its rich cultural heritage rooted in the African-American experience.

It is thrilling, exhilarating and thought-provoking music that stirs emotions of all kinds, in the mind and in the heart and in the soul. Its influence extends worldwide, touching and enriching all related forms of music. It is a vibrant art form that deserves a special place in our culture.

The founder of VOZ – Eva Heui has been presenting internationally the finest Jazz musicians since 2005 in different stages and occasions.

There are so many reasons why a band is so necessary on any kinds of events nowadays. Wouldn’t you agree that music has its own soul to deliver its message?


A Pop Live band, consisting of guitars, drums and sometimes other instruments, which plays pop music

Songs that become hits almost always share certain features that are sometimes called the pop-music formula. They have a good rhythm, a catchy melody, and are easy to remember and sing along to.

Once seen, never forgotten: an indefinable confusion of superb musicianship and side-splitting comic genius, the VOZ Band were truly unique entertainers. Elements of circus, clowning, vaudeville, slapstick and sheer inspired silliness spliced with beautiful acoustic music from various world traditions, in precision-honed yet uproarious performances that delighted audiences. VOZ’s audiences had to expect the hilariously unexpected.